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Get in touch with the beauty and wonder of our world.

A beautiful lake, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, is heaven for the amateur naturalist.

I've always been attracted to wilderness and the outdoors. Here are some of my favorite Natural History Links.

Are you curious about anything?

The many sources of information on the World Wide Web have come a long way from this original three volume edition of the Encyclopedia Britainica.

Try "...a free knowledge and learning center [which]...lets users simultaneously search the...encyclopedia, of...Web...sites...articles from...magazines, and Books in Print" [with citations linked to Barnes & Noble].

You also, may wish to peruse Digital Librarian: a librarians choice of the best on the web or Librarian's Index to the Internet. One joy of the web is being able to interact with knowledgeable others. This is the idea behind's, for example. Or AskA+ at The Virtual Reference Desk or PITSCO's See, also, similar library oriented sites listed at the U. of Leicester's Email & Web Forms page. An excellent attempt at "a registry of real-time digital reference services" can now be found at LiveRef.

Looking for used or out of print books?

Try A Bookseller's Start Page; it has some great links to helpful sites. For multiple book search engines, you'll surely want to check out Steve Trussel's Books and Book Collecting and William McDonnell's Booksold. You may even want to use the search engine I've installed here (courtesy of, a book seller's supply source). Helpful hint -- If buying used books remember that, when Alibris (like Barnes & Noble) acts merely as a middleman, prices are marked up accordingly. (Even ABE may charge an extra "handling fee" with credit card purchases). Usually it is most economical to deal *directly* with the independent bookseller.

Search for the following book:
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If you enjoy auctions, you may also wish to check out The Little Yellow Post site's many book related links. I've had pretty good luck bidding on books at eBay for my little book business, Browsers' Books.

Browsers' Books is open by appointment only.  Please email for details. offers free auction management software, while more elaborate commercial packages can be purchased from Andale. You may also want to look into BidXS, an additional auction information site with a multiple auction search engine. Other prominent auction sites include: Amazon, Yahoo, uBid, CityAuction, and (a personal favorite) Pacific Book Auction Galleries. Want more? Try checking out The Internet Auction List.

Learn more about books & book collecting with the following:

Even rare and obsure books may frequently be found with ease on the internet.

Peter Van Wingen - Your Old Books (revised by Rare Books And Ms. Section, Association of College and Research Libraries)

D.J. McAdam - Book Values, or, How Can I Tell How Much a Book Is Worth?

Robert F. Lucas - Essentials of [Book] Collecting

Anna Skinner - A to Zapf: Book Collecting for Librarians

rec.collecting.books FAQ

Digital Librarian - Book Collecting and Book History links's Book Collecting Page

Book Arts Web

Shoshana Edwards - The Basic Reference Library

Jeffery Barr's early Printer's Devices

The BBC's An Animated History of Books

Got a drop of Celtic blood in ye?

Tartanry is a form of Celtic Kitsch much abhored by the true Scot.  The history of Alba is far more than haggis, bagpipes, and kilts.  See for yourself.

[From the book " Scotland for Beginners 'Bannockburn an' a that'"
by Rupert Besley, Neil Wilson Publishing, ISBN: 0-7607-0053-2].

Transcend tartanry with:

Larry's Celtic Links is a gateway to Celtic literature, history, and mythology. Scotland is especially well represented here.


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